Travel in Ecuador

For Europeans, there are no visa requirement in Ecuador. By entering you get a tourist card with a duration of  90 days.

You arrive in Ecuador trough the international airports in Quito and Guayaquil. from the new airport of Quito you wioo find a shuttlebus outside. The price is $ 8 USD and the trip will take around 1 hour 15 minutes. You can also buy taxi tickets. The price of a taxi from Quito to the new airport will ve around $ 25 USD.

There are a lot of taxis in the cities. It is a cheap and a common mode of transport also for the locals. You have to agree the price in advance if they don’t have taxameter. Avoid cars without taxi signs, so-called “taxi amigos”. In Quito, it is also a well-designed trolleybus network. Other public transports often requires local knowledge to use.

There are connecting flights between the major cities and the Galapagos. Otherwise you can buy bus tickets out of town at the bus terminals. Keep an open  eye at your hand luggage.

Hotel can be booked on the internet, for example; But there are usually no problems finding accommodation most places, neither at festivals.

The crime rate is less than in some other South American countries, but is currently increasing. General safety precautions should be undertaken. Show caution when withdrawals from ATMs. Do not have money available in your outer pockets. Do not move alone in a drunk condition in the places you are not familiar with.

That said, take out your camera and shoot; buy a panama hat, pat an iguana on the head and throw your mother-in-law in the water.