Booking a hotel in Ecuador

There is a lot of hotels in Ecuador, in smaller and bigger places. The best is to book in advance. Especially for holidays when the Ecuadorians themselves are travelling.

What can you get and how much does it cost?

Prices vary and what you get depends on local conditions. In my experience, you will get a clean room and sheets for 10 dollars and up. For 30-40 dollars you will find something centrally located. If you pay more than 70 dollars, there will be an uniformed person who opens your door when you get out of the cab.

If you drive along the road you will see a lot of motels. Keep in mind that some of these are love hotels, a place young lovers choose to have some quality time without other family members for a couple of hours.
There are also places that offer accommodation in combination with outdoor activities, like haciendas and jungle lodges.

How to find a hotel in Ecuador?

You can usually do it on site if you have a lot of time and you do not mind going around checking options. But it’s easier to do it on internet in advance. Hotels that are noted here depend on feedback from users and need to keep a certain standard. We have good experiences with finding hotels by You will not be charged before arrival, but must provide your credit card number that triggers payment of guarantee if you do not appear. Use the box under.