Ecuador is considered to be a stable democracy. It is however not free of corruption. Many politicians have taken the opportunity to enrich themselves.

It is a growing concern about the crime. Many see in the context of the immigration from Colombia.

Ecuador is a typical banana republic. Its core business is and has been supplying industrial countries with raw materials. Bananas, cocoa and now oil. A very relevant issue is the  extract og the the oil in the rainforest areas.

There is a big difference between poor and rich. A number of social projects have been started, but the country’s economic situation limits the scope and implementation of these. Many Ecuadorians are working abroad in the U.S. or in Europe. After the financial crisis, some returned home. This puts the labor market under pressure.

The current president is critical to the U.S. presence in the region, and has refused to extend a military base agreement. There have been some conflicts with Colombia. Recently there have been some improvements in the situation.