Galàpagos Islands

The Galápagos islands are located in the the Pacific.

They are known to be the place where Charles Darwin conceived the idea of ​​evolution and have an unique wildlife.

The islands were untouched by humans until  the Spanish arrived in the 1500s. This together with the absence of other meat eaters and the isolation in the sea led to  a number  of plants and animal species unknown on the mainland.  The birds catched Darwins interest so intensively  and the giant turtles that  named the islands.

The islands were declared a nature reserve as early as 1934 and became a National Park in 1959. The organized tourism started in the late 1960’s.

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Today we can visit the area by flights from Guayaquil or Quito. You can book  a hotel at the island of Isla Santa Cruz, or join a cruise boat.

On Santa Cruz they are offering a lot of guided tours where you can  learn about the flora and the fauna. Meet a seal, pat an iguana or let the birds eat from your hand.

The research station Charles Darwin is also open for tourists. Here they have dedicated themselves to preserve the endangered turtle populations. The turtles were  used as food on board of sailing ships of that age . Today, they get frightened by predators eating their eggs . The Research Station collects the eggs,  when the turtle kids are grown they are returning them to their natural habitat. But also you can admire the adult giant tortoises at the station, together with iguanas and other local species.

And there are beautiful beaches and perfect swimming conditions all over the  islands. From the promenade in Santa Cruz you can relax with your dinner or a nice drink after a long day.