Guayaquil is the largest city in Ecuador’s with  2.1 million inhabitants.

Hotels in Guayaquil.

It is a typical port city and has been the economic engine of the country. Despite this, it is far from as favored as Quito and Cuenca with beautifully preserved colonial architecture . In recent years, however, there has been heavy investments in city renovation.  Now it is a very presentable big city.

The guayaquileños are very proud of the nice promenade built along the river Guayas, Malecón 2000. Along a varied route you will pass monuments of the country’s great heroes, small theme parks with zoological and botanical gardens, playgrounds, restaurants, a cinema complex and a shopping center. You can also take a trip on the river with the pirate boat Captain Morgan.

At the end of the Malecón 2000 is the newly renovated Bohemian-like district of Las Piñas. Here they are exhibiting and selling arts and handicrafts. There are opportunities of a good purchase. In the evening, Las Pinas is the seat of Guayaquil nightlife. The restaurants starts grilling, bars open and music facilities confirm that the night is still young ….

From Las Piñas, you can exercise the steps up to El Faro. A good, old-fashioned lighthouse which offers great views of Guayaquil and the Guayas River. Near the lighthouse there is a pirate bar you can take a well deserved drink.

Once you are in Guayaquil, you should also take a trip to the very fashionable cemetery- El Cementerio. Catholic cemeteries are very different from the Protestant ones. Rich people were buried with style. Here you will find the remains of former presidents and the national singerJulio Jaramillo.

A little outside the city center you will find El Parque Historico, the historical park. Besides some historical monuments there is a zoological garden with elements from the country’s rich wildlife.

The international airport is located five kilometers north of downtown. Inside the city you better move around using taxi cabs.