Salinas and the souther coast-line

Puerto Lopez

With the coastal plain to the Pacific Ocean, Ecuador is equipped with beautiful beaches. On weekends and holidays the Ecuadorians flow down from the cool mountains and away from the heated interior to refresh themselves at the beaches and play in the water.

Closest to the big city of Guayaquil we do have Playas. It’s about an hour’s ride and ideal for a day’s outing.

Then there is the small town of  Salinas who is completely devoted to entertainment and services for bathing guests. Here you will find most of what to be expected. There are plenty of hotels, restaurants, a nightlife and leisure facilities.

If you want a more peaceful resort there are beaches like pearls on a string north of Salinas. We have to mention Santa Elenea, Ballenita, Ayampe, Montañita and Puerto Lopez.

From Puerto Lopez there is also the famous whale watching in September.

Do not forget your sunscreen 🙂