Oriente (Amazone)

East of the mountains lies the rainforest. The Amazon jungle starts here. It continues into Peru and possesses large parts of Brazil. There are large reserves of oil here and the need for explotation is heavily debated with indigenous organizations and the environmental movement.

You cannot enter the jungle by yourself as a tourist. You have to book your trip at an agency in Quito or Baños. There are different offers and different destinations.

  A typical offer might be 5 days stay at a jungle lodge. Then you have to go to Puños by yourself for further transportation from here.  First by bus, then canoe until you are sufficiently far away from anything that resembles  civilization. The stay includes meals and daily excursions. The activities include guided tours among the jungle flora and fauna. You will meet nasty insects, monkeys, caymans, boa snakes and countless bird species. You can also fish for piranha or visit an indigenous tribe and receive an introduction to their culture and cooking. Sometimes you get a mini-course in the use of medicinal plants.

Another option is a boat trip along one of the rivers with different activities.

All packages include an  english-speaking guide. We recommend that you confer different agencies for finding a package based on your interests and economy.