The park “El Retiro”

This week-end, being in the south of Quito, we were inspired to visit the “El Retiro” park.

The souther parts of Quito is  the home of the less privileged. From the park we can see the hill “el panecillo” and the backside of the virgin of Quito. The front is reserved for the more wealthier in town.

But El Retiro is still a nice and large park, nearly as large as the Carolina park in the north. And it’s apreciated. We could see morning joggers, bikers and football-players using the facilities. The dog owners also visit the greeen areas together with their best friends.

But El Retiro is not so well-shaped like the Carolina park. The trees are not that symmetric. OK, that is charming. Less charming is the little river with spots of garbage on the side. There was a little fat rat there too. Ecuador have a lot of interesting wild-life, but it doesn’t include this guy.

Apart from this obesrvation, we enjoyed ourselves in the park. We only recommend a clean-up operation. If the city can afford it..