Presentating tourism in Ecuador

Also in Ecuador they do know how to present their tourist industri. This year they reserved the old flight terminal in Guayaquil for this great yearly happening.

Our first sight is some  indian warriors from the amazonic rainforest. Through their dance they are describing our relacionship with and dependence on nature.

Inside we get a wide wiev on ecuadors diversity. Creative minds put their souls into catching the visitors’ attention. Each district presents its qualifications, customs and products. And it´s a lot of interesting dishes. Our man is specialized in eating good on occasions like this. Of course you can find “cuy“, grilled guinea pig. This dish is considered as a delicatesse by the mountain people.

Otherwise, the mountain people of Andes surely want you to visit their great nature atractions. The hole package includes mountains, valleys, waterfalls and volcanoes. Sunbathing and waterbathing are ideal acitivties for the coast and the Galápagos islands. In the jungle in the rainforest you can met up with the strangest creaturs. And quits old bulidings are full of mystisism.

You can also get information of the neighbour countries, Peru and Colombia.

We leave satisfied with all the information in our heads, a lot of glossy paper and a well-used camara.

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