New Movies from Ecuador

Movies from Ecuador are hot! Not only in Ecuador. There is an Ecuatorian Film Festival in New York just in this moment.

Production support from the Goberment has increased. Film-educated Ecuadorians abroad have returned.

Here are some interesting movies from the recent year.

Cæsars grill (Dario Aguirre)

A young Ecuatorian went to Germany and studied Film. One day his father called and told that the family business was bankrupt. This is a documentary about the lost son returning to his roots and the struggle to make a living in Ecuador.

An unknown Country (Eva Zelig)

Eva Zelig lives un NY. But she was born in Ecuador by Chzech parents. This a documentary about jews fleeing from the nazis in Europe and beginning a new life in Ecuador.

Satan came to Eden

This Oscar-nominated German documentary presents an incredible story from the incredible islands of Galapagos. We are in the 1930s, we have a psychiatrist, his patient,  a “baroness”, her two lovers, a normal (?) family and a murder case.


Feriado (Diego Araujo)

The background is the financial crisis in Ecuador in the late 1990s. But humanly speaking, it is about two young men who fall in love. Homosexuality is still, if not controversial, then at least provocative for many in Ecuador.

Silencio en la tierra de los sueños (Tito Molina)

Poetic as the title -The Silence in the Land of Dreams.


Did we have a lot of fun in 1987? The movie your parents don`t want you too see.

Mono con gallinas

A historic drama about a soldier in the war against Peru in 1942.

El secreto de la luz (Rafael Barriga)

A documentary about the Sweedish adventurer and photographer Rolf Blomberg.

Trailer El secreto de la luz subs eng from Desde la farmacia on Vimeo.