Don Alfonso Espinosa de los Monteros

He has beaten the record and now he has his name is n the Guinness Book of Records.

Alfonso Espinoza is Ecuador’s TVs Methuselah. He has always been there. Nobody remembers when he first appeared. If people guess they can say he certainly is 100 years. In fact he is only 72. But when we see clips from news broadcasts from the early 1990s, he has the same gray hair. Or in fact he was even grayer then. The cosmetic preening Alfonso aging appearance, but the news he communicates is not cosmetic.

With 47 years and 83 days as a news anchor in a television channel he has beaten the previous record and he does not seem to stop here. His employer will certainly not let go him go.

Espinosa participated in the inauguration of the TV channel Canal 2, later Ecuavisa, March 1, 1967, settled on Mount Cerro de Santa Ana in the steaming Guayaquil. At this early stage of television history they have to do almost everything theirselves. Espinosa learned television from scratch.

He forwarded the inauguration of 14 presidents, several coups, two dictatorships, wars and economic crisis. He had only one delay of 3 months in 1972 when the dictator Jose Maria Velasco took the channel off the air.

Besides this, Espinosa have had several journalistic positions and is known for his hardline efforts to bring all the information out to the people no matter who is in power at the moment. Han has received several awards for his work.

Viva Ecuador congratulates.