The purchase went fine in the end. But it had to go through the lawyer. More than 1000 dollars were used for miscellaneous fees, registrations and so on.  It resulted in a large stack of documents.

But now it is ready. My new home is located in the 7th floor in a building in central Quito, called Torre Beverly. It is approximately 42 square meters. Which serve my purpose. Following local custom the entrance is sealed with four locks.

In the first floor there is a security guard. It’s also added a handyman and  a person in charge of the administration. So the staff is pretty big for the 97 apartments located in the building. 

I had some nerves about starting to use the gas stove. A little chat with the guard resulted in calling the gas man. The gas man takes his round early in the morning and delivers full containers. Afterwards came the Jack of all trades and mounted it. He also gave some lessons for safe use. I appreciated that.

The Residents Association has regular meetings. If you don’t meet, there is a fine.

There was an open telephone line and an active electricity subscription on the arrival. The problem was to transfer it to me. In both cases they had to have a copy of about 10 pages of documents that testified that I now am the owner. My foreign state created the difficulties. But it worked out eventually.

Now I sleep well. 3000 meters above sea level.