The heat (Guayaquil)

Guayaquil! (Pronounced Gu-ay-a-kill).

In the country of Ecuador,  in the middle of the world, where the sun is concentrating its rays in summer- and wintertime.

The heat is killing me.

I’m sweating. Taking off the shirt is bad manner when you’re in public places.  My kingdom for a car with air-condition.

The incredible heat. Life goes on. The city lives. Small shops, local cafes and restaurants, fruit and vegetable markets, open every day. In the morning the people are running for their office jobs, School children go to their classrooms.

Guayaquil is the largest city in Ecuador. Norwegians and other visitors usually don’t know anything else than the name of he capital. But inside Ecuador the two cities are concidered as equal metropolises. It is nearly a power balance.  The prestige game. They fight about everything from the presidency of beauty queen titles. In Guayaquil, they call quiteñerne for xxx, while low land people called from the opposite direction as “mono” monkeys.

Guayaquil has been known as a dirty city. A typical industrial site with waste, and slums. It is not to ignore the fact that the budgetary authorities have prioritized the capital. But the mayor of Guayaquil, the popular Nebot, has now done something about it. Large-scale projects are underway to make the city nice. Many are under construction and some are completed.

The finishing touch is the several-kilometer-long seafront Malecón 2000. It lies along the mighty river Guayas and was ready in 2000 (of course).

Some killjoys have hinted that all this money should have been used to improve the conditions for the poor instead. It is not to deny that they have a point .. But on the other hand, Malecón 2000 is for the enjoyment, recreation and the use of all. And guayaquileñjos are proud of the promenade sin.De NOK has gained increased self-esteem by having had anything to brag of..and in the long run it might be recovered through increased business, employment…  that we can finally get a piece of the tourism, the beaches and the mountains surrounding Quito.

And when it comes to heat …

It is similar to the Norwegian, not entirely pleasant climate. One must learn to live with it. In Norway, we choose clothes after having consulted the thermometer. We insulate houses and regulate the opening and closing of windows. Here in Guayaquil, one must aim at oases of air conditioning where they exist. And by all means, do not rush or run! I understand that the vacant Latin gait is the best way to travel in the heat. Once you increase the pace You will sweat …

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