The day of the dead

In this days with halloweens-screams, kitch monsters and candies, it would be apropriate to go to the bloomy origen. At least the american part of it.

Ceremonies and festivals concerning death is not exclusively reserved white christians. The indians had their own customs for honoring their deceased relatives then the europeans arrived.

The new masters didn’t want to interfere to much withh this. All they do was to find the day. The second of november is the day we pray for the souls in the purgatory, according to the liturgian calender. It became the day of the dead.

The celebrations are different in each of the latinamerican countries. Must famous is the mexican, with sceletons in every part. Which has also been the main inspiration for todays halloween.

Ecuador has its own traditions. It differs a little inside the country, at the coast they like having a party while in the higher parts they are showing a little more dignity.

But a good ecuadorian is obligated to visit the family graveyeard and have a chat with the dead ones, sharing news and gossip. The also have a good meal at the place.

And there is no day of the dead without cola morada, a drink based on maize and a lot of different fruits. Not everyone is blaised with the gift of preparing cola morada! It has to be consumed with a piece of “pan de guagua”, a bread decorated like a smiling baby. You are supposed to take advantage of the autumns harvest.