Galápagos tour

Untouched by humans until the late 16th century, declared National Park in 1950 and late declared as world heritage by UNESCO. A Galápagos tour is a unique experience.

Vivaecuador Tour Operator offers you 6 days in this heaven, inluding the islands

  • San Cristobal,
  • Española,
  • Floreana,
  • Isabela and
  • Santa Cruz.

You will see beatiful beaches, blue sea, volcanic landscapes and a lot of animals. We can mentions sea iguanas, sea lions, galápagos penguins, blue footed boobies, flamingos, albatrosses, tropical fishes, rays, seahorses, sharks and turtles of all sizes.

Meals, accomodatiosn and all excursions are included. The price for one person is from $ 1090 US dollars. Ask us about prices for groups.

The complete program can you read on Here you also can order the tour. You are also welcome to ask your questions here.

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