Food in Ecuador

Eating in Ecuador is a real experience. If you want it to be.

This little country is the host of various zones of temperature and have access to nearly all kinds of fruits and vegetables. Rice and potatoes could be served on the same dish. Apples and pears are sold side by side with tropical fruits like pineapples, bananas and oranges. And there exists edible plants nearly unknown to men of the colder regions of the world.on

The coastal diet is different to the one higher up in the mountains. Seafood is of course preferred in a much larger scale at the pacific coastline. Encebollada, for example, is a rich soup stew made of chunks of tuna, yuka and onions, usually served with bread or chifles (banana snacks). Another popular lunch plate is ceviche. Instead of tuna it consists of shrimps, shellfish and plenty of lime. And do not talk about the crab season. For the guayquileños the crabs are representing cristmas and new year at the same time.

In the highlands the eat more meat and more potatoes. Normally you can only choose between chicken and meat for today’s menu at the lunch restaurants. But the national dish,the cuy, is only served on better restaurants.  Cuy is no less than roasted guinea pig, raised esepecially for food delivery.

Different types of bananas are included in many dishes, prepared in countless different ways. “Yes, we have bananas.” Ecuador also grow the best mangoes in the world. Be sure to be there when the harvest is ready.

The daily meals are desayuno (breakfast), almuerzo (lunch) and merienda (dinner). The breakfast is fired eggs and piece of bread, with juice and coffee (nescafe). For a proper cup of coffee you have to go to a coffee bar. Lunchtime is between 12 tand14 in the afternoon. A meal at a lunch restaurants (2 or 3 dishes) have a price which varies for USD $ 1,50 to 3.00. This is simple fare consisting of inexpensive raw materials, but healthy and enough. The dinner is more expensive at restaurants, and are therefore usually prepared at home.

For budget travelleres I can recomend the numerous chinese restaurants in Ecuador. A dish of chaulafan (rice and chicken, or shrimps) has a cost of USD 4-5.

If you do want more regular food, there are also a lot of hamburger and pizza restaurants. In the tourist areas you will also find Italian, Mexican and Indian restaurants.

Bless the food.